christoph krauss

cinematographer (bvk)


special experiences

film (super 35, cinemascope, 35 mm, super 16),

digital cameras (alexa), visual effects (vfx), greenscreen, black+white,

aerial photography, underwater, action

experience in foreign countries 

balearic islands, belgium, bosnia-herzegovina, burkina faso, canary islands,

caribbean, china, croatia, dominican republic, egypt, france, hongkong, india,

italy, lithuania, mexico, morocco, namibia, netherlands, poland, serbia, spain,

switzerland, tunisia, united states


german (native), english, (french)


hiking, sailing, skiing, diving

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MANIFESTO - The filmversion of the acclaimed multi-channel-installation will have its worldpremiere at the SUNDANCE FILMFESTIVAL 2017

ALEXA on MANIFESTO, review on the arri-website

professional training

abitur (highschool diploma),

sfof berlin (technical college for optics and photo-technics),

lighting technician, assistant cameraman, operator,

cinematographer / dop (since 1995)